4 Waterfalls to Visit in Owen Sound, Ontario

Owen Sound, Ontario is a small city located approximately 2.5 hours from Toronto and is home to four beautiful waterfalls.  Within the city of Owen Sound, you’ll find Inglis Falls, Jones Falls, Weavers Creek Falls and Indian Falls.  All are a short drive from city limits, making it possible to visit all four waterfalls in one day.  For those interested in a more in-depth exploration, break your visits up over a couple days or pair them with some adventures around Bruce County

The area around each waterfall offers visitors a chance for further exploration.  Regardless of how much time you spend exploring, you’ll be impressed with what the Owen Sound waterfalls have to offer.

Inglis Falls

Inglis Falls are located within the Inglis Falls Conservation Area and are situated just off the parking lot.  Visitors are able to glimpse the falls from above or can walk down a set of steps to a viewing platform.  The platform gives you a chance to see the falls from an apposing angle.  From both vantage points, you’re able to get a great view of Inglis Falls and hear the magnitude of the water.  The conservation also offers beautiful walking trails in the wooded area, allowing you to spend a couple hours exploring.

Jones Falls

Jones Falls in Owen Sound

Jones Falls are located just off Hwy 21 and can be spotted from the road.  To get a more impressive view of this waterfall, park at the Pottawatomi Conservation Area and follow the one-kilometre trail.  As you get closer to the falls, you’ll hear the rush of water and quickly see Jones Falls peak out from behind the trees.  It is easiest to view Jones Falls from the edge of the escarpment, but if you’re feeling brave, you can climb down to get a closer look.  Climbing down the escarpment isn’t overly difficult, but can be slippery.  The view from the edge of the escarpment and at eye level are both impressive.  Jones Falls definitely pack a punch.

Weavers Creek Falls

Conveniently located in Owen Sound’s, Harrison Park, you’ll find Weavers Creak Falls. Weavers Creek is the most relaxed waterfall experience of the four.  To get to these falls, you simply park and follow the boardwalk a couple hundred metres into the forest.  At the end of the boardwalk, you will be greeted by the calming, Weavers Creek Falls, surrounded by the peaceful forest.  Harrison Park is beautiful and is worth a wander while you’re here.

Indian Falls

Indian Falls in Owen Sound

Indian Falls are the most rugged of all the Owen Sound waterfalls.  To reach the falls, you must hike one kilometre in.  The hike itself isn’t difficult, but the trail is narrow in some places and can be slippery.  Indian Falls offers visitors an impressive down pour of water, as it flows into Indian Creek.  The area surrounding the creek and the falls are beautiful, making it easy to become mesmerized.

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Owen Sound, Ontario is a small city located approximately 2.5 hours from Toronto and is home to four beautiful waterfalls. #OwenSound #GreyCounty #Ontario #Waterfalls #CanadaOwen Sound, Ontario is a small city located approximately 2.5 hours from Toronto and is home to four beautiful waterfalls. #OwenSound #GreyCounty #Ontario #Waterfalls #Canada

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  1. Ashley Nobes says:

    Amazing! I love learning about the beautiful places right in our own back yard! Thanks for this, cant wait to visit here, especially in the fall, I bet its gorgeous! XO

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