Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Wasaga Beach: I LOVE My Hometown!!

Growing up, many people are eager to up and leave behind their hometowns for bigger and brighter futures.  For me, this is true in a sense, but not completely.  I’ve always had the desire to head off and explore every corner of the world.  But, one desire that is strongest of all, is to return home, to my hometown, Wasaga Beach, Ontario. 

Sunglasses on the beach

As exciting as it is to explore and dive head first into new cultures around the world, Wasaga Beach seems to hold a certain spell over me.  I can’t seem to shake this place from my bones.  In complete honesty, I’ve grown to think this town is just apart of me.  The thrill that runs over me every time I near the entrance of my hometown never seem to fade. It’s my history, it’s my family and it’s one of my great loves.

Life In Wasaga Beach

Not only does Wasaga Beach have a great beach, but it has the longest fresh water beach in the world, measuring in at 14km of pure bliss.   As a kid growing up, living by the beach was just a way of life.  It became second nature for me to have the beach at my finger tips ALLLLLL the time.  I look back and think, “WOW! How lucky was I??”.   In every essence, Wasaga Beach exudes life to me.

Canada Day in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

 When I hear about people growing up in towns without a beach, my heart gives a little twinge and I feel sorry for them.  EVERYONE should get to live by the beach!  How did you spend your time if you weren’t at the beach?? This still remains a mystery to me!

Beach Memories

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Thinking back, many of my earliest memories include being at the beach.  Summers were dedicated to meeting family and friends at the beach.  We’d swim, build sand castles, dig holes until we hit water, fly kites, eat french fries and simply enjoy everything the beach had to offer.  It truly made for an amazing childhood!

As time ticked by, the beach became a spot to meet friends, lounge on the sand and was just the “cool place to be”.  The main strip was essentially the dream, offering the perfect getaway and place to socialize.

Man holding a kite

Family History

Besides being geographically amazing, Wasaga Beach screams family.  As an adult, Wasaga Beach is where I go to see all the most important people in my life.  Friends and family are everything and Wasaga Beach is the glue that holds us all together.  This town is my history and I have my Grandma, Millie Dubeau, to thank for that.  Had she not have bunkered down in Wasaga Beach all those years ago and started a family, where would I have ended up?  Who would I have been? There are so many unknowns!!

You all know the old saying, “Home Is Where The Heart Is”, and ultimately, my heart is in Wasaga Beach amongst my wonderful family!!  Wasaga Beach is part of our identity, we are BEACH PEOPLE!!

This is the very spot my Grandma chose. This is exactly where my history all starts!

Life Away From Wasaga Beach

It wasn’t until I was living in Australia that I fully understood my bond to Wasaga Beach.  Having been gone for nearly a year, longer than I’d ever separated myself from my home, I was finding myself feeling a little nostalgic and envious of missing my first summer away from Wasaga Beach.  As friends were sharing their memories of frolicking in the water and playing in the sand, my heart became heavy. 

A few days later, I visited an Aussie beach, and as it does, some sand followed me home.  At this moment, I didn’t realize how much a little sand on the floor could tug on my heart strings… SAND on the floor!! This is like HOME! Sand everywhere, all summer!  It feels like summer at home!! Where was my dad with a bucket of water or a hose to spray me down before going inside!?

At this very moment, I wavered between thinking I had lost my mind over the excitement of a little sand and knowing that Wasaga Beach would always be considered my home and life, no matter where I was in the world.  There is nothing greater than feeling at home.


I’ll be the first to admit, Wasaga Beach has gone through many changes in the last decade, and some of them have been met with protest.  Many will argue Wasaga Beach is not what it used to be.  For me, this small beach town holds so many precious memories, that its hard to let go of all the good I remember.  It’s what we make of this town that makes it so special.  In the mean time, I’m going to keep loving this town more than ever because it’s my home <3.

Stick art sunset at Wasaga Beach

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For the Love of Wasaga Beach

I don’t know if this is how everyone feels about their hometowns, or if its just me, but I LOVE Wasaga Beach!!  Wasaga Beach holds many  emotional ties for me, but regardless, its an amazing little beach town!  The smells, the sights, the sounds, and the people are all so familiar.  Its like an old t-shirt, it just feels right.  Comfortable. Familiar. Home.  Wasaga Beach is exactly where I’m meant to be.  I urge each and every single one of you to make it your mission to visit Wasaga Beach this summer!!   

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Wasaga Beach holds a certain spell over me. I can’t seem to shake this place from my bones. Its my history, its my family and its one of my great loves. #WasagaBeach #Ontario #Canada

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10 thoughts on “Wasaga Beach: I LOVE My Hometown!!

  1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    If my home town looked like that Brittany I would never want to leave. Nope. I see why you love the place; it looks like paradise to me. I do love my home town too but it looks nothing like yours. Amazing.

  2. Nicole says:

    Awesome read! I have been taking my little one to the beach frequently for the very same reason! It’s worth the drive, not only to head down memory lane but to enjoy that gorgeous beach ?
    You are right. There really isn’t anything like it ?

  3. Nicole says:

    I moved my family here this past summer. Leaving behind my hometown of 30+ years…. and I have never looked back.
    Your post is exactly the memories I want my children to grow up with. Wasaga is home ?

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