Two Days in Singapore on a Budget

Singapore is an incredible little hamlet of hidden treasures.  You’ll likely being using Singapore as a transit hub since a number of international flights connect here, making it a nice stop for a quick adventure. So why not spend two days in Singapore, and on a budget!?

Marina Sands Bay

Public Transportation in Singapore

Singapore has a great public transportation system that is extremely clean, safe, and takes you just about anywhere.  If you’re someone planning to use public transit, I recommend you purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass.  Passes are available at most larger transit terminals and gives you unlimited rides on transit for a very reasonable price (1 Day – $10, 2 Days $16, 3 Days $20).  You will be required to make a $10 deposit on this card, but it is refundable on return.  This card will allow you to make the most of your two days in Singapore and let you stick to your budget.

To avoid making the same mistake we made, be sure to return your Tourist Pass before the transit kiosks close for the evening, to receive your refund.  This is especially important if you’re leaving early the next morning as we did.  Sadly, we didn’t get our deposit back.

Singapore Tourist Card

Singapore Tourist Card

Two days in Singapore on a Budget

Singapore is a small country and two days isn’t long, so here are a few highlights to guide your adventures while on a budget.  For the most part, a visit to the following sites are free, making them just that much more enjoyable.  Of course, you can always fork out a little cash if you want to enhance your experience, but overall we were more than happy wondering around and soaking up the scenery. 


Chinatown, Singapore


Chinatown offers a number of shopping stalls and food choices found in a market style environment.  You will also find a number of temples and unique buildings giving you an exquisite taste of China.  You can easily fill a few hours wondering around Chinatown.

Little India

Little India, Singapore

Little India

Little India is another fabulous cultural hub found in Singapore.  Little India has unique sites such as an actual umbrella tree garden, temples, wonderfully coloured buildings and a vast number of food and shopping options.  A stroll through Little India will not leave you disappointed.

Gardens By The Bay – Day & Night

Gardens By the Bay During the Day, Singapore

Gardens By the Bay During the Day

Gardens By The Bay is hands down, one of the most unique places I’ve ever visited!  A stroll through the futuristic Supertree Grove during both the day and night are essential when visiting Singapore.

During the day you can take in the amazing greenery and the vast size of the Super Trees. The Super Trees are very futuristic and will be like nothing you’ve ever seen.  They will keep you occupied until you’ve had a chance to wander and see them all.  Not only are the Super Trees amazing, but the gardens and walk ways are just as beautiful.

Gardens By the Bay at Night, Singapore

Gardens By the Bay at Night

As night approaches, the Super Trees come to life and put on a remarkable musical light show.  This is an experience you do not want to miss.  The sight of the Super Trees lighting up and coordinating with the upbeat music is out of this world and something we enjoyed so much we watched it both nights while in Singapore.  The shows are approximately 15 minutes and happen twice a night at 7:45pm and 8:45pm and are free to watch.

Sky Bridge Walk

Sky Bridge Walk, Singapore

Sky Bridge Walk

The Sky Bridge Walk is located in the Gardens By The Bay and is easily recognizable.  It is the only thing we paid (~$8) to see during our two days Singapore and it didn’t break the budget.  In fact, this experience was worth every penny.  A walk on the Sky Bridge takes you off the ground and gives you a closer look at the Super Trees and an awesome view of the gardens and surrounding city.

Marina Bay Sands

Water Front at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Water Front at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an extremely high-rise, upscale hotel that offers its guests many luxuries and conveniences.  Marina Bay Sands is easily recognizable due to its vast height, unique architect and location right next to the Gardens By The Bay.  If you’re unable to stay at Marina Bay Sands, its still worth a visit to check out the waterfront views and water light show that they offer to everyone in the evenings.  If you coordinate your times, you’ll be able to catch the light show at Gardens By The Bay in the same evening as they are a short walk from one another.

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