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Sun Soaked Things to do in Sauble Beach, Ontario

Located on the shores of Lake Huron rests the charming beach town, Sauble Beach, Ontario.  Sauble Beach is the second longest fresh water beach in the world after Wasaga Beach, measuring in at 11 kms.  Given the the vast amount of sandy beach, Sauble Beach is a booming tourist town during the summer months.  Every summer, Sauble Beach turns into a beach goers paradise, seeing campers, cottagers and day trippers alike.  People arrive from all over for the chance to enjoy this town. Known for its sunny days, there are many sun soaked things to do in Sauble Beach.

Sauble Main Beach

Sauble Beach Main Beach

Sauble Main Beach is where most of the action happens in town.  Visiting the beach is the number one thing to do in Sauble Beach.  With such a lengthy beach, you can spread out and enjoy your day.  Although the water can be cool, the beach is a great place for swimming and water sports. With 11kms of beach front, Sauble Beach is a haven for water sports.  While exploring, try some kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing or kiteboarding.  Kick back and relax on the beach, build a sand castle or fly a kite, the main beach is the place to be in the summer.

Sauble Falls

A 5 minute drive from town will lead you to Sauble Falls.  Sauble Falls are a series of gradually cascading falls. Historically, the falls were used to power a timber mill, but since are enjoyed for pleasure.  The falls are great for a casual stroll or a frock in the water during the warmer months.

Sauble Sand Dunes

Sauble Beach Sand Dunes

The sand dunes are more of a minor thing to do in Sauble Beach and are located just outside of town.  These sand dunes differ from the dunes found at the beach, which you are required to stay off of.  The large sand dunes are great for a quick stop when visiting. 

Visit the Shops

Shops in Sauble Beach

If you forgot to pack something or are looking for a beach break, there are a number of shops around.  Locally run shops line a corner of the beach and the main street in town.  You can find a number of places selling beach clothing, towels, inflatables, as well as any other items you might need on the beach.

Eat in Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach Food Truck

With in a couple minute walk from the beach, you’ll find many great places to eat.  There are a number of locally run restaurants as well as food truck vendors waiting to serve you a delicious meal or treat.

Watch the Sunset

Sunset in Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is known for stunning sunsets.  The sun sets directly over the beach creating a dramatic scene with Lake Huron.  If you’re still in town around dusk, make sure to pop down to the beach to watch the sky turn an array of colours.

Sauble Speedway

Not so much a sun soaked thing to do, but if you’re looking for some excitement on a Saturday night, the Sauble Speedway is located a short distance from town.  Sauble Speedway is an asphalt oval that stock cars race on during the summer months.  Weather permitting, races happen every Saturday night all summer long.

Day Trips From Sauble Beach



Sauble Beach is a charming town great for relaxing and spending a day by the lake.  The town also makes a great jumping point for many beautiful places in Bruce County.  With its central location, you can reach waterfalls, islands, hiking trails and other beaches from Sauble Beach and be back in time for the sunset. 

Have a look at the list below to find some beautiful places to visit from Sauble Beach.  Although it’ll be hard to leave the beach, you won’t be disappoint by the other amazing places close by.

*All driving times are approximate 

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Located on the shores of Lake Huron rests the beach town, Sauble Beach. Known for sunny days, there are many sun soaked things to do in Sauble Beach. #SaubleBeach #BruceCounty #Ontario #Canada

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