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Things to do on Pelee Island: Canada’s Most Southern Point

Pelee Island rests in the fresh waters of Lake Erie and is the most southern point of Canada.  To visit Pelee Island, you’ll have to arrange for ferry service, take your own boat, or arrive by private plane.  During summer months, ferries leave regularly from Leamington and Kingsville, Ontario.  Ferries take approximately 90 minutes.  Alternatively, the island is also accessible from Sandusky, Ohio. 

Peele Island is a quiet, rural island that is home to farm land, many migratory birds, historical landmarks, beaches and a beautiful winery.  It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy nature.  Peele Island is also a popular biking destination and sees many day trippers.  Whether, you’re day tripping or staying a few days, there are many great things to do on Pelee Island.

Bike the Island

Bikes on Pelee Island

Pelee Island measures in at around 42 square kilometres, making it a popular biking destination.  While the island is the largest island in Lake Erie, it is still a fairly reasonable size to explore by bike.  Many bikers arrive in the morning and spend the day exploring the island at their own pace.  Many destinations around the island are accessible by bike and roadways are easy to follow.

Fish Point Provincial Park 

Most Southern Point of Canada

While there are many great things to do on Pelee Island, a stop at Fish Point is a highlight for many.  Fish Point Nature Reserve is located in the south of the island and is unique in that it is the most southern part of Canada.  If the natural beauty of Fish Point isn’t enough, you’ll also find a number of walking and hiking trails, a great beach for swimming and wildlife.  Fish Point is a nature lovers paradise and makes for a wonderful day in the great outdoors.

Pelee Island Heritage Centre

Pelee Island Heritage Centre works to preserve the heritage and history of the island.  The centre offers a number of displays and exhibits that highlight and educate visitors of the islands past.

Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island Winery is an absolutely gorgeous estate winery that sits on the west coast of Pelee Island, just 1km from the ferry terminal.  The winery maintains over 700 acres of farm land dedicated to growing grapes and has a history of doing so for over 150 years. 

This charming winery is equipped with a beautiful bar for wine tasting and a shop to purchase your favourite wines.  The winery offers visitors outdoor seating filled with covered picnic tables and Muskoka chairs to relax in while you sip wine.  While here, you can also grab a bite to eat at their in-house food shack. 

With Lake Erie in the background and rolling vineyards in the foreground, Pelee Island Winery provides some of the most magical views on the island.  Be sure to stroll the vineyard to take in everything Pelee Island Winery has to offer.

Lighthouse point nature reserve

Lighthouse Point, Pelee Island

Lighthouse Point Nature Reserve can be found on the northeastern point of Pelee Island.  In order to reach this historic lighthouse, you must follow a narrow path though the forest, followed by a stroll along the beach. 

The lighthouse juts out into the lake and is beautifully surrounded by water.  Many aquatic birds are known to frequent this part of the island, making it an ideal place for bird watching.  The lighthouse is no longer functioning, but gives visitors a picturesque view on the shores of Lake Erie.


Historically, the waters of Lake Erie, between Pelee Island and Point Pelee have been known to be treacherous.  Given the conditions, this stretch of water has become known for its history of shipwrecks, dating back to the early 1800’s.  Off the coast of Pelee Island, there is said to be over 200 ships that rest below the waters of Lake Erie.  The shipwreck alley attracts scuba divers and historians that are interested in exploring the islands submerged history.

Enjoy The Quiet Evenings

Sunset on Pelee Island

Pelee Island is truly a great place to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet.  The island has a very small number of year round residents and sees a small influx during the summer months.  Even with higher numbers in the summer, the population of the island is quite low, making it a great place to escape the crowds. 

Some great things to do on Pelee Island include exploring nature and taking time to enjoy the little things.  Evenings on the island are lovely as the sun sets and leaves the island aglow.  After the sun finishes its impressive performance, true darkness takes over and the night skies become speckled with stars and flicking fireflies.  Evenings on the island are magical.


Beach on Pelee Island

Along the shores of Pelee Island, you will find a number of beautiful beaches.  There are six beaches on the island that allow public access.  Some of the beaches offer sandy shores and shallow waters.  Others beaches are unique in that they are limestone beaches, with no sand in sight.  The conditions of Lake Erie can vary, sometimes making swimming dangerous.  Be sure to read signage and proceed with caution.

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