Getting Outdoors: Things to do in Leamington, Ontario

Leamington, Ontario, sits on the striking shores of Lake Erie.  This mid-size town is known for its impressive agricultural industry, migratory birds and unique landscape.  Agriculture is at the forefront of Leamington’s economy.  The town is home to an impressive number of greenhouses and growing related businesses.    For over a century, Heinz Ketchup resided in Leamington.   Although the production plant has since closed, tomatoes are still a major part of the towns history and Leamington is often referred to as the “Tomato Capital of Canada”.

Leamington is a popular destination amongst nature lovers with Point Pelee National Park a short distance from town.  Leamington is on a migratory path for both shorebirds and monarch butterflies, making it a wildlife hotspot in spring and fall.  Given its proximity to Peele Island, Leamington is the gateway to the Island with ferries leaving regularly during the summer months.   Whether you’re looking to hike, bike or paddle, there are a number of amazing things to do in Leamington.

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area

Hillman Conservation Area

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area is a marshland that offers 5 kilometres of trails.  There are a combination of dirt trails, as well as boardwalks over the marsh.  This area is a hotspot for shorebirds and a great place for bird watching.  Here you can observe shorebirds actively nesting and taking care of their young.  The boardwalk takes you directly over the marsh, allowing you to take an in-depth view of the impressive habitat.  Hillman Marsh is home to a number of bird species, frogs, turtles, as well as diverse flora.

Point Pelee National Park 

Lookout Tower and Point Pelee National Park

If you’re a nature lover, Point Pelee National Park will be a highlight when visiting Leamington.  Point Pelee National Park is the southernmost part of mainland Canada.  The parks sits on the 42nd parallel in line with Northern California and Spain.  In the park, you can witness a number of migratory birds passing through the area and spot a variety of wildlife. 

Point Pelee is home to sandy beaches, as well as freshwater marshes and woodland areas.  The park is well equipped with trail systems leading you to main attractions.  Some of the main attractions in the park include the lookout tower and boardwalk over the marsh.  Walking to the “Tip”, the many beaches, bird watching and on designated nights, star gazing are also top attractions at Point Pelee.  Biking as well as canoeing and kayaking are also popular activities when visiting Point Pelee National Park.  With such a variety of attractions, you can easily fill a day or more exploring this beautiful national park.

Seacliff Park

Sea Cliff Park, Leamington

Seacliff Park sits hillside, overlooking the shores of Lake Erie.  This state of the art park is home to many modern amenities.  Here you will find an amphitheatre, playground, a splash pad, pavilion and washroom facilities.  The park is also equipped with dozens of picnic tables and is a great place to gather.  Seacliff Park also has a sandy beach with beautiful views and shallow waters for swimming.

Leamington Municipal Marina

Leamington Marina

The Leamington Municipal Marina is about a 15 minute walk or a short drive from Seacliff Park. The walk between Seacliff Park and the marina is stunning and a great place to watch boats come and go.  The marina is beautifully landscaped, with lush gardens and plenty of benches.  There is also a nautical themed playground here as well.

Best Western Plus LEamington Hotel

Best Western Leamington

Although this isn’t outdoors, The Best Western is a great place to unwind after a day of exploring Leamington.  The Best Western in Leamington is unique in that it is home to an indoor “Fun Zone”.  The hotel is setup with rooms around the perimeter of the building with the “Fun Zone” located in the centre.   The hotel offers a massive number of indoor activities to keep everyone entertained for hours.  The Best Western is equipped  with a swimming pool and waterslides, a giant play gym, a mini arcade, a basketball and badminton court, along with a fireplace and seating area.  An added bonus, the Best Western is only 2 km from Point Peele National Park.

Ferry to Pelee Island

Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island sits in the waters of Lake Erie, approximately 32 kms south of Leamington.  Peele Island is considered  the most southern populated place in Canada.  Pelee Island is a rural island covered in farm land.  It is also home to a beautiful winery, beaches and historical landmarks.  Pelee Island is a great location to recharge and enjoy some peace and quiet.  Visiting Pelee Island is possible as a day trip and is a popular biking destination.

To reach Pelee Island, you’re required to take a 90 minute ferry ride from Leamington or take your own boat.  The ferry accommodates both vehicles and walk on passengers, but does require a reservation in advance.  The island is also accessible from Sandusky, Ohio. 

Overall, Leamington is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy some nature.  This lovely lakeside town offers a variety of hiking, biking and paddling options.  With lovely beaches and parks, Leamington also provides locations to sit back and relax  while taking in some fresh air.

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