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Things to do in Goderich: Canada’s Prettiest Town

Goderich is located on Ontario’s West Coast in Huron County.  This small coastal town is nestled on the shores of Lake Huron between Kincardine and Grand Bend.  Goderich is known for its breathtaking shoreline and historic downtown area.  Given the charm and character of Goderich, Queen Elizabeth has coined Goderich “the prettiest town in Canada”.  Uniquely, Goderich is also home to the largest underground salt mine in the world.  While being a small town, Goderich has lots to offer.  From history, to beaches, parks and unbelievable views, the list of things to do in Goderich is plentiful.  Goderich is a destination that you don’t want to miss!


Goderich Main Beach

Goderich has three picturesque beaches that line Lake Huron’s shore.  All three beaches lay next to each other and stretch across a 1.5 km span.  As you approach Goderich’s waterfront, you will be met by the Main Beach.  From here, you can access a lovely boardwalk that takes you to St. Christoper’s Beach.  The third and final beach is Rotary Cove Beach.  Each beach is stunning and makes a perfect location to spend an afternoon.  Along the strip of beaches, you will find playgrounds, washroom facilities, fitness equipment and food options.

Goderich Lighthouse

Goderich Lighthouse

The Goderich lighthouse sits on the edge of a bluff with spectacular views of Lake Huron.  This historical landmark was built in the 1800’s and is the oldest lighthouse on the Canadian shores of Lake Huron.  From the lighthouse, you will also find a set of wooden stairs leading to St. Christopher’s Beach.  Visiting the lighthouse during the day gives you views of Lake Huron’s turquoise waters, and the evening provides lovely sunsets.

Menesetung Bridge

Menesetung Bridge

The Menesetung Bridge crosses the Maitland River near the Goderich Salt Mine and Harbour.  Historically, the bridge served as a train passage for the Canadian Pacific Rail, but now is a pedestrian walkway.  The bridge is well maintained and family friendly.  From the bridge you can see lovely views of the Maitland River, as well as Lake Huron.  Once across the Menesetung Bridge, there are trail options that allow you to explore the surrounding forest.

Harbour Park

Harbour Park, Goderich

Harbour Park sits at the top of the hill before reaching Goderich’s waterfront.  This park is beautifully landscaped and has a number of flowerbeds throughout.  Here you will also find a bandshell, picnic areas and a playground.  One of the highlights of Harbour Park, are the views of the harbour and salt mine.

Watch the Sunset

Sunsetting in Goderich

With already incredible beaches and views of Lake Huron, Goderich is lucky enough to have the sunset directly over the water. There are many great places to watch the sunset in Goderich.  Choose between the beaches, a bluff up on the hill or from the Menesetung Bridge.  Watching the sunset in Goderich is certainly a pleasure.

Downtown Goderich

Downtown Goderich

Goderich’s downtown is incredibly unique as it’s formed in an octagonal shape.  The flow of the downtown follows a large roundabout that directs traffic throughout the sector.  Located in the middle of all the action, rests Courthouse Square, the counties courthouse.  The perimeter of the downtown area is dotted with shops, a theatre, restaurants and vibrant murals.

Huron Historic Goal

The Huron Historic Gaol is an old jailhouse that served the area until the 1970’s.  The Huron Gaol is a unique octagonal building that spreads out over its property.  This Huron Gaol is part of Goderich’s history and now allows visitors to tour the grounds at certain times of the year.

Huron County Museum

The Huron County Museum is dedicated to upholding the history of the local area.  The museum hosts a number of historical exhibits that display the growth and hardships the county endured over the years.  You can find a number of permeant displays in the museum, as well as exhibits that change throughout the year.

Salt Mine

View of the Goderich Salt Mine

Goderich is home to the largest underground salt mine in the world.  The mine is 1800 feet below Lake Huron and provides rock salt used during Canadian winter.  While you can’t physically tour the salt mine, you can see if from various locations around town.  The salt mine draws many large shipping vessels to the harbour and is interesting to watch.

Day Trips From Goderich

North Shore Trail, Port Elgin

Port Elgin, Ontario

You’ll find it incredibly hard to leave Goderich, but there are plenty of places to explore close by.  From Goderich, you can visit a number of different beach towns, hike on the Bruce Peninsula or chase waterfalls in Owen Sound.  Click the links below to learn more about day trips from Goderich.

*All driving times are an approximation 

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