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The Best Beach Towns in Ontario

Surrounded by the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay, Ontario is home to many beautiful beaches.  Each year as the temperatures and humidity start to rise, the beaches in Ontario become the ultimate summer hotspot.  Ontario beaches are often overlooked, but are some of the best in the country.  Some even holding world records.  Of course, with beaches, come beach towns. 

Ontario is home to a variety of different beach towns offering many different beach experiences.  From historic villages to action packed towns, Ontario has a beach destination for you.  While there are many great beaches in the province, these are the BEST beach towns in Ontario.

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

As far as the best beach towns in Ontario go, Wasaga Beach is one of the most well known. Wasaga Beach is the largest fresh water beach in the world, clocking in at 14kms of sandy beaches along Georgian Bay.  With a beach that stretches across town, Wasaga Beach offers a number of different beach locations.  Beach One, also known as The Main End, is by far the most poplar beach amongst visitors.  The Main End is where all the action happens and you’ll find restaurants, store fronts and nightlife here.  For a quieter, more relaxed beach experience, any of the other beaches should suit your needs.

Port Dover

Port Dover

Port Dover becomes a bustling little beach town each summer as crowds gather to enjoy Lake Erie’s warm waters.  Along with great beaches, Port Dover is home to a historic pier and is an active fishing community.  Steps away from the beach, you’ll find Port Dover’s downtown with a number of dining and shopping options.  Port Dover is also well known for its famous Friday the 13th motorcycle rally.

Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach, Ontario

Sauble Beach is a charming beach town on the shore of Lake Huron.  Here you will find the world’s second largest fresh water beach, measuring up at 11kms.  The beach is an ideal place for water sports and swimming, and is only steps away from great shopping and restaurants.  Throughout the summer, the town sees a number of campers, cottagers and day trippers in town to enjoy the beach.


Picton is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and best known for the beaches found in Sandbanks Provincial Park.  Uniquely, the beaches found here are home to the largest baymouth sand dunes in the world.  In addition to amazing beaches, you’ll also find great food, antiques and wineries around the Picton area.

Port Elgin

Port Elgin Main Beach

Port Elgin is another gem found along the coast of Lake Huron.  This small beach town is home to a number of beautiful parks and trails, and of course, sandy beaches.  Along with great outdoor activities, Port Elgin also offers many dining and shopping options.  During the summer months, this little town becomes a haven for beachgoers.


Southampton Main Beach

Southampton is known for its stunning beaches along Lake Huron, historic lighthouses and overall small town feel.  This nautical town is unique in that it has managed to keep all big box stores and restaurants out of town, holding on to locally run businesses.  With amazing beaches, this small town becomes a paradise for beach goes looking for a slowed down pace.

Port Rowan (Long Point)

Port Rowan is a tiny town on the shores of Lake Erie.  This quiet town is home to a number of small businesses, but most importantly, is the gateway to Long Point Provincial Park.  Long Point is a 40km long sandspit with a 1.5km sandy beach.  This area is also great for fishing, boating and bird watching.

Grand Bend

Lifeguard hut in Grand Bend

When you think of beach towns in Ontario, Grand Bend is a favourite amongst visitors.  With a long stretch of beach along Lake Huron and a bustling strip steps from the beach, Grand Bend exudes beach town.  In addition to the great beach, Grand Bend is home to the Ausable River, making it the perfect place for water sports.

Port Stanley

Port Stanley

Port Stanley rests on the shores of Lake Erie and is home to some of the finest beaches on Ontario’s south coast.  Lake Erie’s warm waters makes Port Stanley a great location for swimming and water activities.  Downtown Port Stanley, you’ll find the area dotted with charming restaurants, cafes and boutique style shopping.

Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is a small beach town that sits along the shores of Lake Erie, close to the American boarder.  The beaches here boast crystal clear waters, hence the name Crystal Beach.  This town makes for a great place to kick back and unwind while enjoying a picnic on the beach.  Crystal Beach is perfect for families and those that enjoy spending time by the water.


Bayfield Pier Beach

Bayfield is by far one of the most charming beach towns in Ontario.  You’ll find this little village nestled on the shores of Lake Huron, offering a historic downtown and impressive views of turquoise waters.  A stroll downtown instantly takes you back in time with dated buildings and homes.  If the overall charm of Bayfield doesn’t enchant you, the views certainly will.


Rotary Cove

Coined “the prettiest town in Canada”, Goderich is a small costal town resting on the shores of Lake Huron.  Goderich is home to three beautiful, turquoise beaches that span across 1.5kms.  You’ll find each beach located next to one another, making for a pleasant stroll.  Each beach is absolutely stunning and offers a number of amenities.  Goderich is also home to beautiful parks, a lighthouse and a number of historic sites.

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