Highlights of La Paz, Bolivia: The City in the Mountains

La Paz, Bolivia, a city in the mountains, sits at an astounding 3 500m above sea level.  Uniquely, La Paz holds the title of highest capital city in the world.  As soon as you arrive in La Paz, you will be awe taken by the wave of mountains covered in red brick buildings.  This creates an absolute stunning city scape and is one of the highlights of La Paz and Bolivia as a whole. 

Highlights of La Paz, Bolivia

Views of La Paz, Bolivia

Views of La Paz

You’ll quickly notice the amazing views, but you’ll also notice that the air is much thinner.  This makes the simple task of walking, slightly challenging as your body acclimates to the altitude.  Don’t let the altitude get you down, check out the highlights of La Paz, Bolivia below.

Cable Cars – Mi Teleferico

Cable Car in La Paz

As you look across the peaks and valleys of La Paz, you’ll very notice there is a number of cable cars.  Or as the locals say, Mi Teleferico, that transports people throughout the city.  As mentioned, La Paz is a city of mountains, making traffic a bit of a problem during peak hours.  To help battle traffic issues, cable cars have been built as a mode of public transportation.  The cable cars are definitely a great mode of transportation, but they are even better for visitors to get an aerial view of La Paz. Not only do the cable cars provide an amazing view, they are very economical to ride.  There are multiple lines all over the city, allowing you to see most of the city from above.  

Calle Sagarnaga

Tourist Area, Calle Sagarnaga

Calle Sagarnaga, is the heart of all things touristy, and is located behind the Plaza San Francisco.  On this street you will find restaurants, tour operators, hostels and a number of vendors.  The stalls lining Calle Sagarnaga host a number of Bolivian style garments and goods.  Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, its worth a stroll down this street to admire all the colours and unique items it has to offer.

Witches Market

Witches Market in La Paz

The Witches Market is located close to Calle Sagarnaga and offers a number of very unique items to purchase.  You can find women selling llama fetus for good luck, love potions and a number of remedies for aliments of all sorts.  You can never be certain what you might find here.

Plaza San Fransisco

La Paz's famous, Plaza San Fransisco

Plaza San Fransisco sits central to many of the main attractions in La Paz.  Not only is Plaza San Fransisco an iconic church, but it plays host to a number of other happenings.  Plaza San Fransisco sits directly in front of Calle Sagarnaga and you’ll find people selling food and souvenirs, many collectivo vans and people socializing.

Moon Valley

Moon Vally, La Paz

Moon Valley is situated about a half an hour outside of La Paz and is definitely one of the highlights of the city. You can quickly find a taxi to take you to Moon Valley.  Alternatively, you can jump in a collectivo for a few Bolivios and get dropped off at the main entrance.  The cost to enter Moon Valley is 15 Bolivios and you guide yourself through the grounds.  We spent about 2 hours walking around looking at the moon like rocks and then headed back into town by collectivo.Moon Valley in La PazBetween the unique streets, great views and Moon Valley, La Paz, Bolivia offers a number of amazing highlights.  The altitude in La Paz might wear you out, but don’t let that stop you from exploring this South American treasure!!

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2 thoughts on “Highlights of La Paz, Bolivia: The City in the Mountains

  1. Eric Gamble says:

    Wow Moon Valley Looks amazeballs. Never even heard of that area near La Paz though I have to admit I am just learning about it since my friend Jorge who is from there was talking about it last night! I think the area around Calla Sagarnaga sounds fun for a backpacking traveler and even the witches market sounds cool though I may shy from the Llama fetus. Haha

    • Brittany says:

      La Paz is a pretty cool little city. You never know what you’re going to find!! Riding the cable cars and seeing the amazing views of the city in the mountains was unreal!!

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