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Feeling Beachy: Things to do in Port Dover

Port Dover, Ontario is nestled on the scenic shores of Lake Erie.  Given the prime location on Lake Erie, this small beach town transforms into a bustling beach destination in the summer months.  With sandy beaches and warm waters, Port Dover makes the perfect beach getaway.  Historically, Port Dover is known for its active fishing community and life on the Great Lakes.  In the early 80’s, tourism began to boom when the famous Friday the 13th motorcycle rally began calling Port Dover home.  Overall, Port Dover is a popular destination among beach goers and boaters.  Along with the beach, there are many great things to do in this lovely lakeside town.


Just steps from the beach, sits the downtown sector.  Downtown is lined with quirky shops and a plethora of dining options.  Whether you’re looking do to some shopping or a place to eat, downtown is a great place to stroll after a day on the beach. 

Powell Park

Powell Park is a beautiful green space situated downtown.  With its prime location downtown, Powell Park is at the heart of Port Dover.  During the summer months, Powell Park hosts live music, outdoor markets and seasonal festivals.  Powell Park also makes a great place to picnic or place to take a stroll.

The Beach

Port Dover Palm Trees

Port Dover offers a lovely sandy beach with access to the warm waters of Lake Erie.  Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, the beach is one of the main attractions when visiting this beautiful town.  Dotted along the beach, you’ll find palm trees that a local restaurant plants every summer, giving off a serious tropical vibe. 

The Pier 

Port Dover Pier

A short walk from the beach will lead you to the towns historic pier.  The pier juts into the waters of Lake Erie and allows  you to walk along the waters edge.  Near the pier, you will find a number of shops and restaurants as well as scenic views of the beach.  At the end of the pier, sits the Port Dover Lighthouse.  The lighthouse remains active and regularly guides vessels in and out of the harbour.  From the pier, you will also see a number of locals casting a line in hopes of catching some fish.

Lynn Valley Trail

Situated on a former rail line, the Lynn Valley Trail is a 10km trail connecting Port Dover and Simcoe.  Along this scenic trail, you’ll be given glimpses of the Lynn River and wildlife that call this area home.  The Lynn Valley Trail is popular amongst hikers and cyclists and is a great place to enjoy seasonal vegetation.

Port Dover Museum

Old Ship in the lake

The Port Dover Museum highlights the history of Port Dover and gives a glimpse into the heritage along Lake Erie.  Many of the exhibits focus on the history of the local community with an emphasis on the importance of the fishing industry in the area.


Given the ideal growing conditions in Southern Ontario, this region is home to a number of local wineries and breweries.  From Port Dover, you can reach a number of wineries and breweries to explore.  Notably, the Frisky Beaver Winery is the closest and sits just outside of town.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a motorcycle rally that happens in Port Dover every Friday the 13th.  This tradition started amongst friends meeting for a beer every Friday the 13th in the early 80s.  As the years passed, the gathering continued to snowball and the event now draws over 100 000 people each each Friday the 13th.

Day Trips from Port Dover

Port Colbourne

Port Colbourne

Port Dover’s location makes it a great starting point for day trips around the area.  After soaking up all the beach vibes around town, you might find yourself looking for your next adventure.  From Port Dover, there are other great beach towns to explore, provincial parks to visit and world famous Niagara Falls all within driving distance.  Below you can find some popular distinctions for day tripping.

  • Simcoe – 15 minute drive
  • Turkey Point – 20 minute drive
  • Long Point Provincial Park – 45 minute drive 
  • Hamilton – 1 hour drive
  • Port Colbourne – 1 hour 10 minute drive
  • Port Stanley – 1 hour 20 minute drive
  • Niagara Falls – 1 hour 30 minute drive

*All driving times are an approximation 

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