Stunning Places to See Fall Colours in Southern Ontario

The air is starting to get crisp and fall colours are popping up all over Southern Ontario.  As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, it’s exciting to watch as the world around us turns into one epic rainbow of colours.  Chasing fall colours and great views are always at the top of our adventures during the autumn months.  Over the years, we have come across some great places to take in the changing fall foliage.  By no means is this an extensive list of everywhere to see fall colours in Southern Ontario.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to fall colours, but hopefully this will inspire some fall exploration.

Blue Mountain

Views at Blue Mountain, Ontario

View from the top of Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain, located just outside of Collingwood, Ontario is an all seasons destination, with most emphasis placed on winter activities.  Don’t let the fact that Blue Mountain is known as a ski resort, deter you from exploring in the fall.  The mountain sides turn an array of lovely colours and makes for a perfect fall afternoon.  Fall colours can be observed from both the top and bottom of the mountain and I would recommend checking out both.

BlueBerry Trails, Wasaga Beach


Blueberry Trails, in Wasaga Beach, offers visitors a variety of great cross country ski trails in the winter, but also double as walking trails the rest of the year.  The trails here are canopied by plenty of trees that turn vibrant colours each fall.  A stroll through the forest is a great way to get some exercise and in touch with nature.

Skinners Bluff, Wiarton

Fall Colours at Skinner's Bluff

Skinner’s Bluff Lookout

Skinner’s Bluff is located just outside of Wiarton and offers unreal views.  To reach Skinner’s Bluff, you are required to walk about 10 minutes from the parking area through the forest.  This is an easy walk, but there are rocks and roots on the ground that you will need to be mindful of.  Once you reach the bluff, the forest opens up and provides views of the forest canopy below and the water off in the distance.  If you’re heading to Skinner’s Bluff, a drive around Wiarton in general, will also provide you will some great fall colours.

Lion’s Head

Fall Colours in Lion's Head

Lion’s Head Harbour

Lion’s Head, Ontario is a favourite for outdoor enthusiastic year round.  Situated on the shores of Georgian Bay and surrounded by rugged cliff faces, it’s hard not to be awestruck by this amazing little town.  Depending on the type of adventure you’re looking for, amazing fall colours can be seen a few steps from the parking lot or a hike through the forest.  The Lion’s Head Harbour and hike to the Lion’s Head Lookout are stunning in the fall for colouring spotting.  Both locations offer wonderful views, but the Lion’s Head Lookout requires a few hours of hiking.  If you have time, I’d suggest doing both.


Fall Colours at Eugenia Falls

Eugenia Falls

Flesherton, Ontario is a great place for fall adventures and colours.  Not only are there a number of hilly, country roads to drive around, but there are two waterfalls close by.  Both waterfalls, Hoggs Falls and Eugenia Falls, are accessible by a short walk from the parking lot.  Hoggs Falls is located in the forest, with plenty of trees providing lovely colours.  In contrast, Eugenia Falls is located in the edge of a rugged cliff edge that opens up into a beautiful valley.  Both waterfalls are uniquely beautiful, offering trails to explore as well.  Conveniently, these waterfalls are located about 10 minutes apart.

Dundas Peak, Dundas

Fall Colours at Dundas Peak

A little further from the rest of the locations mentioned, Dundas Peak is not a place to miss when it comes to fall colours in Ontario.  Dundas Peak is located along side Tew’s and Webster’s Falls in Spencer’s Gorge Conservation Area.  Both waterfalls are beautiful, but the real show is when you make it to the Dundas Peak Lookout.  A 1.5km trail winds you through the forest and opens up for views over the gorge and city.  The colours and views here are phenomenal during the fall.

We are extremely lucky to experience the phenomena of changing colours each year, so don’t forget to take advantage of it!  Overall, you can visit almost anywhere in Southern Ontario and be amazed by the lovely fall colours.  If all else fails, and you can’t get to one of these great places, just jump in your car and drive, you’re bound to come across some colours along your way.  Fall colours only peak for so long, so be sure to get out there and enjoy them before they are gone. 

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    Thank you for the amazing post!
    Would love to visit Ontario next fall, the sights are incredible. As a hiker myself, I bet the journey to Dundas Peak Lookout would to die for.

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