7 Places You NEED to Explore in Bruce County, Ontario!!

If you haven’t heard of Bruce County, it’s probably because it’s one of Ontario’s best kept secrets.  Bruce County is situated in Southwestern Ontario, nestled on the edge of Lake Huron, one of Canada’s Great Lakes.  Bruce County boasts beautiful beaches and is famous for its alluring coastal views and rugged escarpment.  In Bruce County, you’ll find a number of lovely communities that’ll leave you wanting to explore more.  With sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, epic hikes and a plethora of lighthouses, Bruce County is a force to be reckoned with!!

Flowerpot Island

Check out the 7 Places You NEED to Explore in Bruce County, Ontario!!


Rugged terrain in Tobermory, Bruce County

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Located at the very tip of the Bruce Peninsula, you’ll find the stunning town of Tobermory.  Being at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory sits in a unique location, with Georgian Bay on one side and Lake Huron on the other.  Given that Tobermory is surround by two major bodies of water, here you will find an abundance of water activities as well as hiking.  Tobermory is home to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, most widely recognized for the Grotto. 

Flowerpot Island

"Flowerpot" at Flowerpot island, Bruce County

One of the famous “Flowerpots”

Flowerpot Island is best known for it’s rock formations, the “flowerpots”. To get to this scenic location, you’ll have to take a boat from Tobermory.  In addition to the beautiful flowerpots, the island offers hiking trails, a cave, picnic areas and many places to stop for a swim.  You can easily spend a day exploring this magestic island.

Lions head

Lookout in Lions Head, Bruce County

Lookout in Lions Head

Lions Head is a quaint little town notorious for its amazingly coloured water and rugged escarpment.  The hikes in the area, are arguably some of the most stunning in Bruce County. The views alone, will leave you feeling inspired.  Lions Head also offers many water activities, rock climbing, a lighthouse and beach areas.

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Sauble Beach

Beach days in Sauble

Sauble Beach is the worlds second longest fresh water beach, after Wasaga Beach, Ontario and is one of Bruce County’s most popular beach destinations.  Sauble is home to 11 kms of beautiful beach, leaving plenty of opportunities to partake in water activities.  This beach town also has a bustling downtown area during the summer months, making for a perfect beach getaway.


Southampton Lighthouse

Given Southampton’s location on Lake Huron, this town boasts lovely beaches, in addition to sitting at the mouth of the Saugeen River.  If you’re up for a boat ride, you’ll find historical Chantry Island, just a few kilometres off the coast of Southampton. With many beaches and access to the Saugeen River, beach days, fishing and boating are popular activities in this town. 

Port Elgin

Sunset from Shore Road in Port Elgin

For a small town, Port Elgin sure packs a punch.  In Port Elgin, you’ll find great beaches, the beautiful Miramichi Bay and plenty of trails to explore.  Port Elgin holds some of the most amazing views with its remarkable Shore Road winding around Lake Huron.  Be sure to head towards the water in the evening to take in one of the phenomenal sunsets.


Sailboats leaving Kincardine Harbour

Kincardine is another one of Bruce County’s lovely beach towns, but it comes with a twist.  When the winds are just right, you will find plenty of people riding the waves.  Surfing and kiteboarding are amongst some of the biggest draws to this town.  You’ll also find a lovely boardwalk, a lighthouse and plenty of parks in Kincardine. 

The natural beauty Bruce County has to offer is hard to deny. From hikes, to beaches and everything in between, Bruce County is sure to satisfy the inner explorer in everyone!

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