A Day Trip to Klein Curacao: What to Expect

Klein (Little) Curacao is a tiny, uninhabited island off the coast of Curacao and is a perfect spot for a day trip.  One half of the island is a rugged, rocky coast with old shipwrecks sprinkled across it.  The other half of the island is a perfect beach dream with smooth white sand and turquoise waters.  The two sides of Klein Curacao couldn’t be more different.

As you approach Klein Curacao, you’ll quickly notice there isn’t much around, which is part of what makes the island unique.  You’ll probably also notice how amazing the beach looks.  Being uninhabited, the only people on Klein Curacao are those that day trip over. 

Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is popular with tourists because the island offers a long beautiful stretch of beach.  This beach is also great for snorkelling and has a deserted island feel to it.  Depending on the water conditions, Klein Curacao takes about 1-2 hours to reach, making for a great day trip.  To visit Klein Curacao, you will be required to join a tour group, charter a boat or take your own boat.

Choosing the Right Tour Company

Day trip tours to Klein Curacao aren’t cheap and generally run around $100+ USD per person.  Many tours seem very similar, offering transportation to Klein Curacao, lunch and snorkel gear.  All these things are great, but make sure to ask about the amenities your tour group offers on Klein Curacao. 

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Klein Curacao

A few tour groups have facilities on the island and grant you access to use them for the day.  The company we went with had running toilets, a “beach shack” where they served lunch and plenty of shade.  Umbrellas and lounge chairs were also included to use while on the island. 

Alternatively, some companies don’t have facilities on this island and require you to return to the boat to eat and use the washroom.  This isn’t such a huge deal, but the lack of shade on the island might be.  Personally, I chase the shade, so just be sure to ask what your tour company offers while on the island to be safe.  With very little coverage, the sun can be relentless on Klein Curacao.

things do to on Klein Curacao

Explore the Klein Curacao Lighthouse and ShipWrecks

Klein Curacao Lighthouse

Most of your day will be spent beachside, but it is also worth a trip to the other side of the island.  In the middle of Klein Curacao sits an old lighthouse that has a paved path leading up to it.  If you follow the path behind the lighthouse, it’ll take you to the far side of the island. 

Shipwreck on Klein Curacao

On this side of the island, you can stroll across the rugged earth and check out the boats that have met their doom here.  It’s best if you explore the island in the morning to help beat the heat and allow you to spend the afternoon on the beach.

Snorkel with Sea Turtles

Klein Curacao is a very popular snorkelling location.  The island is home to many sea turtles that are known to make appearances.  Snorkelling with sea turtles tend to be a highlight for many on their day trip to Klein Curacao.  Along with the sea turtles, there are plenty of fish and coral to look at as well.

Enjoy the Beautiful Beach

Beach at Klein Curacao

Once you’ve had a chance to walk across this island and snorkel with the sea turtles, make sure you stop to take in the pure beauty of the beach.  Take a walk along the beach, soak in the ocean and enjoy the fact you’re in a paradise.

Overall, Klein Curacao is a great spot for a day trip.  You will leave behind with hustle and bustle of the mainland and get a chance to explore some untouched territory.  Between the rugged coast and beautiful beach, Klein Curacao makes for an amazing day.

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