Charmed By Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a small beach town off the beaten path, with rugged roads and beautiful beaches.  Many locals travel on quad runners or bicycles with surf boards in tow.  The main activities in Santa Teresa include surfing, hanging at the beach and yoga.  As someone who doesn’t surf or do yoga, I was still able to throughly enjoy the charm of Santa Teresa. 

The draw to Santa Teresa is starting to grow and on the main strip you will find restaurants, surf shops, hostels and a grocery store to accommodate locals and visitors.  


Most of our time in Santa Teresa was spent on the beach lounging, going for walks or frolicking in the water.  Certain sections of the beach can be very wavy, but if you keep walking you’ll be able to find sections that are suitable for swimming.  The vast length of the beach gives you an opportunity to wander and explore different areas of the beach during your stay. 


Santa Teresa is home to a great number of trees and wildlife, giving you the opportunity to share the beach with monkeys (these monkeys are very calm compared to the monkeys in South East Asia), crabs and a number of different reptiles.


In the evenings be sure to wander back to the beach to catch the amazing sunsets, they are absolutely stunning!  While you’re watching the sunset, look up into the trees and you’ll be able to see monkeys eating and playing.  If you see any seeds or fruit skins on the ground, or falling from the trees, this means that you can generally find monkeys somewhere in the area.

Overall I was enthralled with Santa Teresa’s laid-back beach lifestyle. Its a lovely place to relax or a great place to hit some waves, either way, I’m sure you’ll love this little town.

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