Bermuda Travel Itinerary: 6 Days in Paradise

If you’re not familiar with Bermuda, you should know, its a small slice of paradise.  Bermuda offers pink sand and the most turquoise water you’ll ever lay your eyes on.  You’ll quickly understand why the locals refer to the island as Bermudaful, and it’s no surprise.  This travel itinerary will help you optimize your six days in Bermuda.

Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

For those of you looking for a quick escape to paradise, Bermuda is the perfect choice.  Not only is Bermuda a short flight from Ontario, but you can also score very reasonably priced flights. We paid just over $400 CAN roundtrip, per person for our flights.  This is extremely reasonable, considering we flew at peak time.

We travelled to Bermuda on Canadian March Break and found that there were very few other travellers. Bermuda isn’t quite as hot as other islands in March, so they don’t start to see an influx in visitors until late spring.  On average we had temperatures around 22 degrees celsius and found it quite pleasant.  If you’re someone that enjoys warmth and not sweltering temperatures, you might want to consider visiting Bermuda in March. 

Warwick Bay, Bermuda

With the island being a a tiny, 53 square kilometres, you’re able to cover most of the island in no time.  The island has a great network of buses allowing you to get to the main points of interest. To maximize your time, and to get to hidden gems, I recommend renting a motor scooter for at least one day. 

Bermuda Travel Itinerary: 6 Days in Paradise

Day 1 – Arrival To Bermuda

When landing at L.F. Wade International Airport, be sure to look out the window, it might possibly be the most beautiful landing I’ve ever seen!

After passing though the airport, there are a few options to get your accommodation.  If you’re a light packer, you can take public transit for about $5 per person.  Please note, suitcases aren’t allowed on the buses, only backpacks.  Your second option is to take a taxi, and you can find many waiting outside the airport.

Lighthouse in Bermuda

We chose to stay in Southshore as we found an amazing little rental within walking distance to many of the main beaches and grocery stores.  Given the size of Bermuda, you can basically stay anywhere on the island and have an amazing location!

Day 2 – Gibbs Lighthouse and Beach Walk

From Southshore, we were able to walk to Gibbs Lighthouse in about a half hour down the Rail Trail.  The Rail Trail is a beautiful trail system following the old train lines of Bermuda. Before arriving at Gibbs Lighthouse, stop and look out over Jew’s Bay.

Once arriving at Gibbs Lighthouse, you must pay a small fee to climb to the top, but it’s definitely worth every cent.  The views at the top are phenomenal!

From Gibb’s Lighthouse, we strolled towards Horseshoe Bay, one of Bermuda’s most renowned beaches.  For the most part, we had the entire beach to ourselves!  On arrival to Horseshoe Bay, you’ll notice a cove off to the right and a long stretch of white sand to the left.  DO NOT skip the cove, and be sure to take in the amazing view over Horseshoe Bay!

After exploring the amazing views around Horseshoe Bay, continue your walk.  A couple kilometres on foot will take you across Bermuda’s famous pink sands to explore many beautiful stretches of beach.  On your walk, you will come across beaches such as Jobson’s Cove, as you make your way to Warwick Long Bay. 

This is a fantastic walk, it might even be the most stunning beach walk I’ve ever taken! Take your time and enjoy the views and lovely water.

Day 3 – St George’s and St David’s Islands

Scooter Rental

Brittany on a scooter

After exploring by foot, we decided to rent a scooter and take on other parts of the island.  The great thing with a 24 hour rental is, if you plan your times properly, you can use the scooter for two days and maximize the ground you cover. We rented from noon to noon, giving us the entire afternoon to explore and the following morning.

Brittany and Thruxton on scooter

We picked our scooter up at Elbow Beach and followed the coast all the way up to St. George’s Island and St.David’s Island.  On these two islands, which are accessible by bridge, we were able to see many old forts, lighthouses, and again, more amazing beaches!

Day 4 – Royal Naval Dockyard and Hamilton

The second day with our scooter, we drove the opposite direction and went to the Royal Naval Dockyard.  Here we visited the Bermuda National Museum, which is an old fort you can walk around.  Oddly enough, the museum is also home to Dolphin Quest, and you are able to watch dolphin training throughout the day.

The Royal Naval Dockyard is also home to the Clocktower Mall, craft markets and a docking point for the Bermuda Ferry.

Clock Tower Mall

After dropping our scooter off, we took the public transit in to the capital city of Hamilton.  Here we were able to walk around and enjoy some of the city culture and nightlife.  If you’re looking to save some cash, note that buses run until 11:30pm and after that, taxi service is your only option.

Day 5 – Beach Day

We dedicated this entire day to relaxing on Horseshoe Bay and surrounding beaches.  Be sure to give yourself some time to enjoy the beauty Bermuda has to offer. Pick a beach and relax!!

Day 6 – Caves and Airport

Since we had an evening flight, we took our backpacks on the bus and headed towards the Crystal and Fantasy Caves.  The caves are located close to the airport, so either stop on arrival or departure to save some transit time.  Once at the caves, we were able to store our bags in the lockers provided and check out the caves for the afternoon.   Following the caves, we stopped at Swizzle, the island famous restaurant for a late lunch before catching the bus to the airport.

I can’t say enough good things about Bermuda, I absolutely ADORE this tiny island! Six days isn’t much time, but luckily, Bermuda is small and easy to navigate.  I would have loved to stay longer than six days, but felt fully satisfied with my time on the island.  Generally I don’t visit places twice, but Bermuda is an island I’ll return to <3  I hope this travel itinerary helps you enjoy your time in beautiful Bermuda!!

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9 thoughts on “Bermuda Travel Itinerary: 6 Days in Paradise

  1. Taryn says:

    Your blog is beautiful! I love this post! You’re making me really want to get away to somewhere with blue skies, blue waters, and sunshine right now!! 🙂

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you!! Writing this post has made me want all of the above as well! I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to look at my blog!! Hope you get some blue skies and sunshine your way!

    • Sara Mack says:

      That was a great article on what to do in Bermuda, I’ve been to Bermuda many many times and a couple of places I recommend are the zoo and aquarium in Flatts. It is very charming and informative. If you’re in St George head up to Tobacco Bay it’s a great Beach to snorkel and swim at its kid friendly because it’s very shallow and they got a great little food stand that also includes drinks and beach chair rentals. It also has toilets and showers included inside the building You’ll see a lot of parrot fish as well as many other fish when you snorkel there.

  2. Stacy says:

    I wonder why we don’t hear of more people traveling to Bermuda, it looks gorgeous! The color of that water is amazing. I can’t wait to research this, thanks for putting it on my radar!

    • Brittany says:

      I think Bermuda is generally thought of as an expensive place to visit, but it can be very reasonable. Its such an incredible little island! If you have any questions, let me know. Happy planning!

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