7 Beaches That’ll Make You Want To Visit Curacao

The beaches around Curacao are some of the finest in the Caribbean.  With soft white sand, rugged landscape and amazingly turquoise water, you’ll quickly feel like you’re in paradise.  Curacao’s beaches tend to be formed between rocky hills and ledges filled with cacti.   The contrast amid the ocean, rocks and cacti make for a picturesque beach experience.

Beach in Curaco

The beaches on the island are ideal for both swimming and snorkelling, as the waters are incredibly calm.  You’ll quickly realize how relaxing it is to jump in the turquoise waters and spend your days floating effortlessly.  With calm waters, Curacao is a snorkelers paradise, boasting a very active marine life below the surface.

Curacao Beach

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*Disclaimer: Many of the beaches in Curacao are privately owned, meaning you have to pay a fee to access them.  Continue reading to discover which beaches you can visit free of charge.

The beaches around Curacao are plentiful, so often, they aren’t completely over run with visitors.  With the vast variety of beaches, it’ll be a challenge to pick your favourite. Klein Curacao

We spent two weeks on our honeymoon testing out the beaches of Curacao, and these were some of our favourites!!  

These 7 beaches will make you want to drop everything and head to Curacao immediately!

1. Daaibooibay

FREE Entrance

Nestled between two large rock ledges, you’ll find the lovely waters of Daaibooibay. This cove is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and lounging on the perfect sand.  An added bonus, there is a beautiful trail up one of the rock ledges leading to an incredible view of the beach.  If you’re making this journey, watch your step as my husband stepped on a cactus… 

2. Grote Knip

FREE Entrance 

Grote Knip is at the top of the list when it comes to amazing beaches in Curacao .  Upon arrival, you’ll quickly notice this beach rests at the bottom of a staircase, giving you an epic view over the beach.  The water is the most vibrate shade of turquoise, immediately inviting you in for a swim.  This beach is free to access but has very limited shade, meaning, you’ll likely ended paying to rent an umbrella to escape the blazing sun.

3. Klien Curacao

$ Tour Fee 

Klein Curacao, is more than just a beach, its a small island approximately 25 kilometres off the coast of Curacao.   The best way to reach Klein Curacao is to join a tour group or charter a boat.  This island offers a long beach with smooth white sand, and turquoise water made for snorkelling. This island is a gem and is completely uninhabited, making for a great day off mainland Curacao.

Read more about what to expect on a day trip to Klein Curacao.

4. Kokomo

FREE Entrance 

I’m a huge fan of the song, Kokomo, by the Beach Boys, so as soon as I discovered there was a Kokomo beach in Curacao, I had to visit it. I wasn’t disappointed, Kokomo lived up to the hype in my head.  This beach offers plenty of shaded areas, a restaurant and a beautiful dock.

5. Cas Abao

$ Entrance Fee

Cas Abao is a popular beach amongst visitors, with white sand and amenities at hand.  Here you will find a restaurant, as well as, chair and umbrella rentals, but most importantly, you’ll find a lovely beach.

6. Seaquarium Beach

$ Entrance Fee

This beach isn’t called Seaquarium Beach for no reason, it is located next to the Curacao’s Seaquarium.  Seaquarium Beach is one of the closest beaches to Curacao’s capital city, Willemstad.  Conveniently, this beach is located in a commercial area with plenty of restaurants and bars lining the ocean.  This beach is one of the few beaches not formed in a cove, but a barrier has been put in place to keep the waters calm.

7. Playa Kalki

FREE Entrance 

Playa Kalki is one of the furthest beaches from Willemstad and can be found in Westpunt.  This beaches offers incredibly calm waters perfect for snorkelling and swimming.  Kalki is located at the bottom of a long set of stairs giving you a great view of the beach on arrival.  You can also find a few food stalls and outdoor seating.

Happy Beach-dreaming!!

Curacao certainly has some amazing beaches, but the island also offers many other amazing sites.  Make sure you don’t miss out on some other highlights of Curacao, such as seeing the wild flamingos, hiking in Christoffel National Park and visiting Willemstad.

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